School Uniforms

School Uniforms

Wearing a uniform is a badge of pride, creates an identity for a school and is an important part of being a school student. If a student wears his/her uniform with pride, it means he/she is half way there to being respectful buying into what the institute is al about.
Uniform give students a sense of belonging to a particular school and create an identity for the school in the community. A school uniform teachers students to dress smaritly and take pride in their appearance.
A school uniform can improve learning by reducing distraction, sharpening focus on school work and making the classrooms a more serious environment, allowing students to perform better academically.

The students of Delhi Public School have to follow the following dress code: 

  • Half Sleeves shirt with School Logo (Summer)
  • Gray Pant (Boys), Gray Skirt (Girls)
  • Black Leather Shoes and Black socks
  • Belt with School Logo
  • Tie (3rd onward)
  • Black Hair-bank, Pins/Clips (Girls)
  • Full Sleeves Shirt (Winter)
  • Navy Blue Sweater with School Logo (Winter)
  • Blazer with School Logo (3rd onward) (Winter)
  • Tie (Nur. onward) (Winter)
  • House T-shirt with School Logo
  • White Pant (Boys), White Skirt (Girls)
  • White Canvas Shoes and White Socks
  • Belt with School Logo
  • White Hair-band, Pins/Clips (Girls)
  • Navy Blue Sweater with School Logo (Winter)
  • Blazer with School Logo (3rd onward) (Winter)

 * The prescribed length of the girls skirt/Tunic is 1” above knees and for boys half pant is 2” above knees.

The following dress colour code will be followed by the whole classes on these special days.

Christmas Day (24th Dec.) Red Dress
Basant Panchami Yellow Dress
Independence Day and Republic Day White Dress

 Birthday – Birthday boy and girl can come in casual dress on the day of their birthday.