House System

House System

House system is an important part of every school. It aims to foster responsibility, respect for opinion of others, develops a sense of cooperation, loyalty and fraternity for all. It instills a closer rapport between students and teachers and provide students with ample opportunities to exhibit their talent and learn new skills.
All the students at Delhi Public School are divided into six houses among them four houses are named after famous Indian Scientists to honour them and to inspire students to learn from them. School head boy. Head girl and Dept. Head boy and girl don’t follow any of these four houses, they have separate houses with different logo, colour and symbol.
Each house is headed by a House Master/Mistress and a House Captain elected through fair election by students.
Every child is allotted a House on the day of his/her admission to the school. To which the student remains an active member though out his school life and contributes his best to uphold the motto of his respective house.
House Name House Colour
Bose Fluorescent Orange
Bhabha Fluorescent Green
Raman Fluorescent Sky Blue
Kalam Fluorescent Purple