Administrative Director, Vice Principal and Teaching Staff

1. Anil Kumar Sharma, Administrative Director
An inspiring, supportive, well organized, self motivated leader. Dedicated towards his roles and responsibilities. He served in Indian Army for long time and also rendered 2 years service as a director and 6½ years service as an administrator in reputed institutes. He is a Post Graduate and qualified in various departmental courses of Army and JCO, tester, SSB course from Defense Institute of Psychological Research. He is a rational thinker and a keen observer who believes that disciplined, self motivated, courageous and enthusiastic, children play important role in society. His deep understanding of human psychology and armed force background maintains an environment of discipline, love and brotherhood in school. He loves students as his own children and always nurtures their tender minds with soothing, moral boosting talks.
2. Sunita Katewa, Headmistress
A dedicated, hard working and devoted teacher. She is teaching English and working as Pre-Primary Co-ordinator. She holds Bachelor degree in Education (B.Ed.) and Master degree in English . She aspires to persistently learn and apply her insights to make the process of learning more and more meaningful and joyous. She has a deep understanding of changes in the current curriculum and its importance to exchance creativity and understanding of students.